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"Da parte sua il pianista Scott Crowne non solo accompagna l’artista senza mai soverchiarla, ma si integra perfettamente con la voce con la quale riesce a costruire un perfetto amalgama." [For his part, pianist Scott Crowne not only accompanies the artist without ever overwhelming her, but integrates perfectly with the voice with which he manages to build a perfect amalgam.] 

   - Riccardo Viagrande, GBOpera Magazine

"Le pianiste Scott Crowne paraît aussi à l’aise dans la facétie que dans le genre plus sérieux..." [Pianist Scott Crowne seems as comfortable in levity as in the more serious genre...]

   - Laurent Bury,

"Pianist Scott Crowne meets her on that high artistic plane and elevates every one of these songs with his flawless playing and collaborative spirit."

     - Gregory Berg, Journal of Singing (Vol. 77, No. 1)

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